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Fence Installation & Staining in Sugar Land & Greater Houston Area

Do you need a new fence or would like to bring your old fence back to life?

Fence Staining Company in Houston, TX

Experience - Professionalism - Reliability - Reputation

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Fence Installation in Sugar Land Texas

We use the best wood to ensure longevity.

Wood Fence Staining

We ensure the highest level of protection and elegance for your fence in Sugar Land and the Houston area from our fence company. We take pride in every job we complete for our clients.

Stain My Fence, Fence staining Sugar Land, Rosenberg & Houston



Why Fence Staining is important


Increase the durability and longevity of your fence.


Keep your fence healthy and preserve it from greying-out, rotting and cracking. 


Save money easily - No need to spend thousands replacing your fence.


Add value to your property.


Make your home beautiful. A gorgeous back-yard equals a happy family.

Fencing Projects


A Revive Back Yard

A un-welcoming backyard for retired homeowners just got revived. Finished with a semi- transparent oil-based cedar tone stain. A site to behold.

Missouri City, TX



Bob J.

"Splash Fence company stained my new cedar fence and did a great job. The stain has turned a good looking fence into a great looking fence and I expect that it will last a very long time. Highly recommended!"

"First class, very very easy to work with. This fence company did an amazing job with great customer service."


William I.


Russell T.

"... It looks great and the neighbor behind us sent me a text that she was pleased also. If you want a quality fence and nice people then use these people. They work hard, polite and do good work...."

It's A No-No

We don't compromise on quality or customer service. Quality is what we live and breathe as a company. You can trust us to exceed your expectations by 100%. We lose and the entire community loses when you are not satisfied, so our gain is from your satisfaction and happiness. We use the best stain and wood in the industry, Wood Defender. An oil-based stain that is environmentally friendly, stops mildew formation, shields U.V rays, water-repellant and is very pleasant to the eye. It also works well for commercial property too. We use the best material for all fence types in Sugar land Texas and the houston area. We make sure we have the best customer service with every fence installation. You are onto something very special and we are very happy to assist you with it. 

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Industry Leading Services at Unbeatable Prices

We service Sugar Land, Houston, Rosenberg, Richmond, Missouri City, Katy, and all surrounding areas. We want to help you protect your fence, to make it last longer, and to keep it looking its best for years to come.

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